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Paratech P360

Paratech P360

Product Information

Paratech P360

Paratech P360

P360 - Nothing but Dynamic

Dynamic and Direct Handling...
Your wish has come true, either as a fun-loving or a freestyle pilot. This is exactly what you discover when you fly the P360 for the first time and you would never want to miss it again.

...For Sure
You believe it can't happen? You will be astonished how protected you feel under the P360 canopy, because you won't find a pure bred, aggressive acro-wing but a well balanced and extremely stable and compact freestyle wing with a forgiving behaviour. This is, with appropriate piloting skills, the only way to turn freestyle flying into fun.

Acro-manoeuvres such as "wingovers", "SAT", "Loops", "Tumbling", _can be harmonically combined. The P360 has not specifically been designed for a few special manoeuvres but combines the ability for flying all acro-manoeuvres with a single glider.

Just for Acro Flying?
Absolutely not! Without any doubt, the P360 can also be flown and enjoyed in cross-country flying. You can really start appreciating its ability to lose height quickly or to get distance between you and cloud base flying a couple of wingovers instead of "Big-ears". Alternatively, why not fully enjoy the local thermals using the P360's tight cornering potential. Even in the most turbulent and active conditions you will never lose the P360's inspiring flying sensation.

16g Stress Reinforced
The specially reinforced canopy and the generously dimensioned line layout, as well as the immaculate quality of workmanship allowed PARATECH to stress the P360 to well over 16g at maximum take off weight. The achieved test performance not only doubled the normal DHV certification requirement of 8g, but with it PARATECH has become the first manufacturer, which can offer a glider officially certified for 16g.

Classic Novice Acro-Wing
The transparency of the wing's dynamic behaviour and the balanced safety potential of its compact canopy allows, with appropriate piloting ability, that the P360 wing can be well controlled.

Below the Line - Above the Wing
The P360 wing does not just bring to life the freestyle passion. The adrenalin driven emotions generated during flight, an ever present and well known companion to the experienced pilot, are simply multiplied with increasing g-forces impacting on your body. A pure satisfaction provided by the builtin high safety potential.

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