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Arrow X-Alps 4

Arrow X-Alps 4

Product Information
The fourth generation of ARROW X-ALPS harness it's finally here. As usual, we came up with improvements from the previous model. The fact that the ARROW X-ALPS harness is equipped with a unique INFLATABLE PROTEKTOR is well known. This unique protector not only protects perfectly but after flight, when the protector is blow out, saves space and the harness is incredibly storable (more information in the description of the inflatable protector and photo gallery).

And now what we've improved in the new model:

  • Use of new materials
  • New design and color combination
  • We have extended the base of the harness that pilot feels more comfortable and the edge of the seat board doesn’t push into pilot thighs
  • The sides of the harness are covered with elastic material up to a carabiners. This makes the harness more compact
  • Elastic material includes side pockets with zipper. The material is elastic but it doesn’t mean that is limitless. In case you overload the pockets, you can tear up the material
  • Between the elastic pocket and the sidewall of the harness is what we call quick pocket for the camera or things you need quick access
  • The harness backpack is newly closed with high-quality and additionally good-looking waterproof zipper

For whom is the harness ARROW X-Alps 4 intended
  • For pilots who like a harness which takes a minimum of storage space in backpack
  • For pilots who don’t want to fly cocoon harnesses
  • For pilots who like a light weight harness
  • For pilots who like good quality harnesses
  • For pilots who like nice design of the harness
  • For pilots who like a lot of pockets
  • For beginners to experienced pilots

The main advantages of the harness are
  • Get Up System - reliable and quick start-up
  • Comfort
  • Compactness of the harness thanks to INFLATBLE protector
  • Integrated reserve parachute container
  • Low weight, which in size „M“ only 3,4 kg (complete harness)
  • 4 high quality steel pulleys, makes speed system working smooth
  • Extremely light inflatable back protector, weight only 314 g
  • Ultralight carabiners from Finsterwalder, weight only 77 g piece (154g both)
  • Special inner pocket for protector that prevents the protector from slipping sideways in the event of a rotation or half-drop
  • Ultralight weight polypropylene seat plate, weighs only 234 grams in size M and 261 grams in size L
  • Simple harness settings
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Harness ARROW X – Alps 4 is produced in M and L sizes

INFLATABLE protector can be compared with air mattress that you play with on the dam or sea waves. INFLATABLE protector is made in the shape of paragliding protector.
You simply blow the INFLATABLE protector up through the blowing tube before the start like the above mentioned air mattress. After blowing it up, the INFLATABLE protector is ready to protect your back in case you will need it.
After you land, you simply unlock the valve and you pack your glider. During packing your glider, the air is going out from the INFLATABLE protector little by little. After your glider is packed, push the air out of the INFLATABLE protector and the harness is ready for packing into the backpack.
You will be shocked with the harness volume and you will think if it is really possible to have cocoon harness so small. YES, it is possible thanks to KARPO FLY invention that is called INFLATABLE protector!!!
Attention! Please do not misplace the INFLATABLE protector with air-bag protectors that are blowing up with the air after the start and that are used in the 2in1 harnesses types. These air-bag protectors do not have anything common with INFLATABLE protector beside the fact that both are filling in with air but every in different way.

Whereas INFLATABLE protector is blown up before the start and gives immediate protection and you are protected immediately, air-bag protector is blown up after the start and it takes cca 5 seconds (if it is blown up at all) what means that during first moments after start you are without any protector!!!

Technical specifications




Recommended height

159 - 179

180 - 195

Width of the seat board



Length of the seat board



Length of siting - L



Length of the back - H



Carabiners height



Min. a max. distance between the carabiners

40 – 50 cm

40 – 50 cm

Volume of reserve parachute container

11070 cm3

11070 cm3

Maximum volume of reserve parachute



Color options

  • Black/blue/green

Standard equipment

  • Carabiners
  • Double speed
  • Inflatable protector
  • Reserve parachute handle

Additional equipment

  • Foot holder
  • Front container/pilot desk
  • Reserve parachutes series RS
  • Vario covers

Price: 853€

Product Code: karpofly-arrow-x-alps
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