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Compass XC-Pilot

Compass XC-Pilot

Compass XC-Pilot

XC-PILOT is nothing more than CPilotEvo,

the best integrated tool for free flight in the world, in the smaller size of Easy Pilot. And 'designed for riders who need a complete tool the size of "classical", ie for hang glider pilots and, in general, for pilots who want less bulk and weight than the CPilot.

It 'a complete platform of useful data on the fly, that every pilot can be set to adapt to his personal requirements. In addition to containing unique and innovative features, the distinctive feature of XCPilot is to allow every driver, from simple fan to the competitor, to customize your instrument so simple and intuitive. Everyone can choose to view any part of the screen of your instrument data and functions chosen from a wide range, the required size and with different colors.

The sound of the instrument, in all of its parameters (frequency, number of beeps per second extension of the single beep), is also completely adaptable to the needs of the pilot. Each pilot will thus obtain his personal sound of the instrument by varying the sensitivity curve so that up to a certain rate of climb on the various signals ancestries lighter up to incredibly low values and then lower the frequency of the sound to make it less stressful presence of higher values upward. Each user, therefore, will have its own personal and unique integrated tool for flight.
Each customization can be saved and later recalled before the flight in order to prepare the instrument to the flight the pilot is about to do (competition, cross, soaring etc..), Without any limit.

Having been built to be a real computer with a powerful processor and a cutting-edge hardware, XCPilot is able to be upgraded to support all innovations that will be introduced in future years.
XCPilot is equipped with a color screen "touch". This allows you to set individual screens in a clear and visible in order to make the data of flight immediately, without confusion. Even the pilot who suffer from presbyopia have the ability to enlarge the individual fields so you can read the instrument with sharpness.

XCPilot allows you to upload and display on the display. In this way it is able to know the orography of the land over which the flight takes place and, therefore, indicate to the pilot if, during the glide, succeed or not to exceed orographic obstacles such as hills and ridges, defining exactly the within gliding really possible (Glide Over Terrain). With XCPilot you can load the airspaces and display them on the screen so as not to invade forbidden areas that would invalidate the track of the flight, and of course to avoid unpleasant penalties. Areas (or units) are prohibited also announced by acoustic and visual signals.

XCPilot is thought to work in tandem with CProbe, in order to exploit the platform of the acquired data by providing to the pilot the maximum of precision in real-time parameters such as the speed and direction of the wind, the true air speed, the rate of efficiency etc.

XCPilot allows you to schedule tasks for broken or competitions in a simple and intuitive, providing the competition pilot data organized in different screens optimized for the flight in the race or in the cross, equipped with data and alarms (such as the very useful functions to help one "start" with perfect timing).
And 'possible to equip the instrument of a form of "live tracking".

  • By calibrating the GPS altimeter when the instrument or control
  • GPS 51 channels with separate reception even indoors or strong presence of cloudiness and sampling of 5 positions per second (5Hz).
  • Battery life 20-25 hours
  • Downloadable data and loadable via Bluetooth, USB 2.0, serial 2.5mm jack or SD memory card
  • Protocol optimized exhaust track speed
  • Video color touchscreen
  • Sound completely customizable (CSS)
  • Management function Glide Over Terrain
  • Color maps
  • Route Management and wp
  • Airspace Management
  • Replay function of flight 2D map
  • 512 Mbytes of flash memory
  • SD memory card
  • operation from -20 C to +60 C
  • additional module live tracking
  • management wp conical
  • weight 250 g.
  • bluethooth able to connect with PC, Smartphone or other instruments Compass.
  • Optional module live tracking

Price: 857

Product Code: compass-xc-pilot

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